We just watched this new Max’s Restaurant ad and we are cancelling the internet

We The Pvblic

Who the heck came up with this Max’s Restaurant ad?!


Okay, it starts out with this little spiel: “The following film is dedicated to any Chicken who’s ever had a dream. And anyone who’s ever eaten Chicken.”

Which is pretty damn weird.


It chicken lumberjack who “builds” a house out of wood, incidentally the slogan of Max’s Restaurant. A house that chicken built.

It got a little lonely out there in the woods, so the chicken wanted some roommates. Banana ketchup was among the wanted roomies.

The background music had some retro OPM songs in it and it made it a bit groovy, in a peculiar way. However, it gets really weird during and after the housewarming party. We can’t even explain it in full detail that you have to watch it yourself:

It turns out to be an ad to advertise their new stuff on the menu. Be the judge and watch the ad for yourself.

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