I guess weird ads are a thing now

When GIGIL first released their weird-ass commercial for RC Cola, I realized there are things in this world that I could have gone my whole life not knowing about. Now, the ad agency is back with another for Julie’s Bakeshop – and it’s even more WTF-inducing than their last.

The clip starts innocently enough: a douchebag in a gym is making fun of two ‘Titas‘ working out. But then Tita Julie then appears from behind, calls him a ‘tita shamer’then promptly massages him into dough, with gym shorts attached and all.

Tita Julie’s victim continues to catcall the two titas until he’s spliced and eventually baked into an oven as pandesal. May we reiterate that he’s alive and talking the entire time. What. the. f*ck.

Now, we have a sense of humour, so we won’t reach and call this offensive. But the ad, as catchy, subversive, and viral as it is, is also gut-churning and horrifying, even by GIGIL standards. It might just be us, but the last thing we want to think when we’re eating bread rolls is that we’re munching on human pieces.

Still, with GIGIL’s mantra of ‘Ah basta!’, we’ve learned not to take their content too seriously. We’ll let this one pass – right after we’ve thrown up in our mouths a little.

GIGIL, <b> This local bakeshop ad is the definition of &#8216;OH GOD WHY?&#8217; </b>