Juday is our spirit animal

We The Pvblic

Judy Ann Santos has been a savage onscreen even before we started saying “savage” to all types of savagery.

Judy Ann Santos, Juday is our spirit animal

It’s about time we honor her, calling her out for what she really is – our spirit animal.

Judy Ann Santos, Juday is our spirit animal

Over the long weekend, BuzzFeed Philippines released a compilation of Juday’s mistakes in her cooking show and we’ve got to tell you, we were DYING to watch Judy Ann’s Kitchen after.

It’s actually our favorite show now. The compilation shows Juday struggling with a blender (and eventually giving up on it), showing the pvblic eagerly what’s happening with the meat she’s cooking (spoiler alert: walang nangyayari), adding a bit too much pepper on the meat (but don’t you worry, gagawan natin yan ng paraan), truthfully saying how it’s her first time to do something, and overall giving us that IT ME vibe throughout.

Meme season has begun and we’re hoping it doesn’t end any time soon for our spirit animal: