Rare footage of Enrile in ‘Jurassic Park’ surfaces


Countless memes and historical revisionisms later, we finally have evidence that Juan Ponce Enrile DOES spend his free time chilling with ‘dinosaurs’.

A Tiktok video taken by his granddaughter, Kris Ponce-Enrile, shows the former senator receiving a back massage and petting his contemporaries while the ‘Jurassic Park’ theme song plays in the background. Another uses Jason Derulo’s ‘Savage Love’, but IMO, the former is just solid gold.

Overall, it seems Enrile had a fun time, but hey, it’s pretty hard not to enjoy yourself when you’re hanging out with your childhood friends.


Rare video of Enrile hanging out with his friends 🦖 Roar! 😂ctto

Posted by Toni D. Panganiban on Sunday, May 31, 2020


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