Joyce Pring and Sam YG’s relationship is proof that exes CAN be friends

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Do you think you can stay friends with your ex?

Facebook: Joyce Pring
Facebook: Joyce Pring

It’s a bit of an ongoing debate whether you can stay friends with your ex or not. Can you? Can’t you? Won’t it be difficult? Can you look at your ex in a platonic way? Can you let them be happy with someone else without feeling a slight tinge in your heart?

Joyce Pring tells the pvblic that working with Sam after the breakup is “torture, for obvious reasons.” However, she adds it’s also “an incredible joy”.

She said in her lengthy Facebook post, “Here’s a person who I can’t seem to avoid because we’ve built our lives over the years in such a way that almost everything is intertwined: our work, relationships, hobbies, you name it.”

“It was emotionally draining at the start but now whenever I have the pleasure of sharing the stage or spending some time with this guy, I’m just in awe,” she mentioned

“By God’s grace, I get to see him now with what feels like brand new eyes. No longer tainted in romance but in full adoration out of love, respect, endearment, and a stark fascination for what was, what is, and what could have been.”

“Every person in our life brings out a specific facet of who we are, and I’m just grateful that Sam brought out some of my best ones.”

“Thank you for being an outstanding co-host as always, Sam. I’ll see you soon,” she ended.

I’m not crying, you are.


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