Joyce Pring’s take on non-believers is mild. The Internet is just insane


In an episode of her Adulting podcast called Unpacking Christianity, Joyce Pring shared a controversial stance with guest Wil Dasovich: non-believers are damned to hell. In a country that lives and breathes religion, this hot take naturally sparked a heated debate.

On one hand, the non-believers argue that Pring has no right to gatekeep a place they don’t believe in, created by an omnipotent figure they don’t think exists.

On the other, Christians revere Pring, saying, yes, an entity in the sky created a secret garden, flooded the world when he had a tantrum, and impregnated a virgin so he can give birth to himself. “That is the TRUTH, everyone else is damned, suck it up mfers!”.

But both sides missed the point: Joyce Pring never imposed her will on anybody. It was HER truthPring clarifies several times in the pod that these were her beliefs, which Dasovich disagreed with a few times.

“I’m from Mindoro, and the natives… they are not Christian. Don’t you think kawawa sila? They don’t even know anything about Christianity. It’s not their fault. Why would they go to hell?”, asked Dasovich.

The question stumped the celebrity host. “Again, I don’t know, I’m not the judge”, reiterating that she is only going by the Bible’s teachings.

“I believe God is way more nice than whatever God you believe in”, countered Dasovich, drawing a chuckle from Joyce. “He does not send all these people to hell. He is very forgiving.”

And that was the theme of the entire episode. It was not about who was in the right, or if our entire existence depended on whether we say a prayer before we sleep. It was a casual exchange of ideas, which, in a climate of cancel culture and attention spans the length of Tiktok videos, is seemingly impossible.

Joyce Pring, <b> Joyce Pring&#8217;s take on non-believers is mild. The Internet is just insane </b>

You know who are truly terrible people? Those who commit terrorism in the name of religion. Or who devoid others of basic human rights and respect because of what their “god” supposedly told them.

Cancel those individuals. But two friends airing their thoughts on a couch? That’s pretty mild. Social media has truly broken our brains.

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