Journalism bites with New York Magazine’s ‘The Year of the Nepo Baby’ cover


The cover is not even the best part.

It may be without a doubt that showbiz is what it really means: show business. As it is a business, of course, there will be people that run it. There will also be connections and legacies to uphold (or not live up to).

It is undeniable that some families have been at this game for quite some time now and pass the baton not only to their children but even to their grandchildren. New York Magazine saw this cycle and wrote about it in ‘She Has Her Mother’s Eyes. And Agent.’ 

Written by Vulture writer Nate Jones, the cover tackles the Internet’s fascination with celebrity children who in 2022 have become a buzzword: nepo baby. Derived from the words nepotism and baby which again, means what it looks like, a child of nepotism. A direct benefactor of power through relations and in Hollywood’s standards, it means getting booked for jobs.

Since the cover’s release, the Internet has expressed divided takes on the piece. While there was a majority that found it funny, intriguing, and even ‘unserious’, there were those that questioned the presence of some names included on the list. Claiming that there were nepotism babies that deserved where they are now as they have the talent and work hard for it.

While there were those that brought up Lily-Rose Depp’s take on nepotism in one of her interviews that even top models like Vittoria Ceretti called her out for. Maude Apatow claiming the term saddens her also was brought up by others.

At the end of the day, self-awareness is the most important thing to have. These people did not choose to be born with these privileges but it is their responsibility to make the most out of their benefits and acknowledge what they have.


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