Jonas Blue performs new hit at Chroma 2017 a month before its release!

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The London-based electronic dance producer Jonas Blue caught the pvblic’s attention with his remix of Tracy Chapman’s 1988 hit “Fast Car.”

The bittersweet acoustic original was given a brand new tropical house tint and it instantaneously became a hit, shooting the JB newcomer into international charts, inclusive of number one slots in Australia, Scotland, and both the U.K. and U.S. dance charts.

Flying the flag high in Manila 🙌🏼🇵🇭 #chroma2017

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Recently, Blue went to the second Chroma Music Festival in the Philippines on April 8 in Circuit Makati and when he got on stage, it was just electric.

Everyone ran towards the VIP section, going against all odds and the dust of holi powder, just to get close, just to get a glimpse of the By Your Side DJ.

When Perfect Strangers came on, everyone knew it was time to jump and nod their heads to the nonstop psychedelic beats of Blue.

All throughout his set, there was nothing but those solemn sounds which weren’t too hard, weren’t too soft; they were in the middle ground, a perfect balance of mixes. This is why the pvblic found it hard to resist swaying along and bouncing to tropical hits, some we’ve never even heard before.

Just like his last song — a new single he has never released before.

It’s coming out next month and we heard it first in Manila’s Chroma.

An honor to have danced to the beats of that song. We can’t wait for its actual release next month!

Oh, did we mention he met longtime fan Nadine Lustre too?

So glad I finally got to meet you last night @nadzlustre 💙

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And Miss Earth 2016 Katherine Espín?

Lots of fun in the Philippines with @kathespin 💙 #chroma2017

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If Jonas was born a Jonas Brother, we’d probably say we like him more than Nick, Kevin and Joe (sorry Nick, Kevin & Joe).

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