While most of the hullabaloo over the ‘Jollitowel’ has mostly died down, one question still remains ‘Just how tf did a towel end up as a meal in the first place?

With a lack of answers, Korean YouTuber ‘Mr. BulBul’ decided to recreate the infamous ‘delicacy’ – and he largely succeeded. In the 8 min video, Mr. BulBul explains his amazement at how the towel managed to perfectly disguise itself as a seemingly legit chicken part in the viral clip.

To create a ‘chicken leg’, Mr. BulBul wrapped a portion of a dishrag around a chopstick, dipped it in flour and water, and deep-fried his creation. For the ‘thigh part’, which is closer to the original, he mashed the rag with his fists (while pretending to be hungover).

Given that the results are near replicas of real pieces of fried chicken, it’s safe to say his experiment – now unofficially a recipe – was a success.

jollitowel, <b> Here&#8217;s the &#8216;Jollitowel&#8217; recipe, thanks to this Korean YouTuber </b>

After his successful recreation, the Korean YouTuber gave his two cents on how the Jollitowel could’ve been born. The main theory was sabotage. He surmises that the rag had to have been cut into a smaller dimension to have a) gone unnoticed and b) achieved the right portion for the meal. That, or the entire thing was just an accident.

At this point, who knows? Jollibee said in early June that it was going to review the franchise’s ‘compliance with its procedures’, but has released no further updates since then.

Watch the vid below: