The unburnt

It’s clear that long after humans have gone extinct, Jollibee and its stores will still be around. There is no stopping the fast-food chain’s quest for world domination, Jollitowels notwithstanding.

As if to hammer in the idea of Jollibee’s immortality, its mascot happened to be the ‘sole survivor’ of a recent fire that claimed the Gaisano Grand Mall in Antique last June 18. The bright red Bee was caught unbothered among the charred remains of an enormous blaze that destroyed around 57 stalls and PHP 80 million worth of properties.

The fire burned for 2 days before it was put out. Thankfully, none of the staff and customers of the two-story mall were harmed.

The mascot’s fate was shared on social, drawing comments on just how resilient and undying the spirit of the Bee is. Tbh, we’re not really surprised. Jollibee, figuratively and literally, is pretty much forever.

Jollibee, <b> The &#8216;sole survivor&#8217; of a mall fire is a Jollibee mascot </b>