IN PHOTOS: Jollibee welcomes Catriona Gray as its new ambassador

Gelo Lasin

Jollibee officially welcomed Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray in an afternoon filled with joy, laughter, and endless servings of the new and improved Jolly Twirl.

An iconic queen for an iconic brand

“I feel incredibly honored to be part of the Jollibee family and this successful homegrown brand that makes me proud to be a Filipino,” shared the 25-year-old reigning queen.

“Being able to associate the new and improved slow-melt Jolly Twirl with my own slow-mo twirl makes this opportunity a great fit, and it’s a bonus that I absolutely love this dessert!

Catriona also shared how excited she was for the experience of having filmed the commercial with Twirlie, one of Jollibee’s friends who gracefully mimicked her famous lava walk right after her victory.

In a twirling showdown, Miss Universe even graciously commended Twirlie’s moves.

“Twirlie and I have our own special twirls, but I must say—the best twirl ever is now the Jolly Twirl!” Catriona said.

‘The best twirl ever’

Catriona shares that she has simple tastes and her favorite menu item when she has a sweet tooth is the Chocolate Sundae Twirl.

“I like to enjoy Chocolate Sundae Twirl whenever I can. Whether you’re craving for something indulgent or having a celebration, its perfect for all occasions talaga,” she said.

“This new and improved Jolly Twirl is the best twirl ever, because it’s now thicker, creamier, and slower to melt so we can enjoy it longer – together!”

Like Miss Universe 2018 herself, give yourself the joyful twirl of the Jolly Twirl, available in four variants.

Go for the timeless classic Vanilla Cone Twirl (PHP 10.00*), with the thicker, creamier vanilla soft-serve ice cream twirled perfectly into and on top of a crispy cone.

Indulge your chocolate cravings with the Chocolate Cone Twirl (PHP 15.00*), with the chocolate-dipped soft-serve giving a new dimension of deliciousness.

Go all out with the Chocolate Sundae Twirl (PHP 30.00*) or Mini Chocolate Sundae Twirl (PHP 24.00) and revel in the irresistible combination of thick, creamy vanilla ice cream and generous drizzling of glossy, sweet chocolate syrup.

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