Joji is back to being weird AF with ‘Pretty Boy’ teaser


A familiar sight

While Joji has never truly ditched his kooky vibes following his transition from Filthy Frank to 88rising (he has since been a depressed space cadet and a giant crab monster), it seems that the bonafide musician is back to being creepily weird for his next MV.

Called Pretty Boy’, the teaser shows Joji in prosthetics taken straight from the uncanny valley. Joji seemingly croons about the downsides of fame & living in Los Angeles, which means his half-human, half-plastic look could also serve as a metaphor for the city’s inauthenticity.

With lyrics such as ‘I’m a pretty boy living on the west side, living so loud you can never hear me cry’ and ‘poppin blue pills and sippin on finest wine’, the tease is another somber content from Joji. But while the others tackle heartbreak and love lost,  ‘Pretty Boy’ shifts to a deeper, more personal perspective on the 88rising star.


Banner: ‘Pretty Boy’ MV