A hotel is giving out 5 million won for a real-life Squid Game event


While the activities in Squid Game were based on real-life children’s games, the event itself was completely fictional. However, that doesn’t seem like the case anymore since a South Korean hotel is planning to hold a real-life match similar to the show (minus the deadly consequences) on October 24.

On St. John’s Hotel’s Instagram post, it announced that the upcoming event will be open to everyone, regardless of their age and whether they’re guests or just visitors of the establishment. But there’s an advance registration fee worth 10,000 won (approx. P426) and 12,000 won (P512) for on-site ticketing. Participants would also receive a business card with the game organizer’s number printed on it.

Players would compete in four games similar to the Netflix series such as Red Light, Green Light, tug of war, ttakji chigi (paper tile flipping), and the dalgona/honecomb challenge, which will be held in a pine tree forest near the hotel. While the characters in the show were set to bring home 45,600,000,000 won, the hotel will give a prize of 5 million won (P213,484) to the winner.

The post also states that those who don’t abide by the rules or don’t show up on the day of the game will be eliminated. The identity of the host behind the even will also be unveiled at the end, just like what happened in Squid Game.

Meanwhile, Gangneung’s city government issued an administrative order against the hotel’s event since it would violate the social distancing protocols in the province. The area is currently under an alert level where private gatherings are allowed, but only for a maximum of eight people who are fully vaccinated. The hotel was already fully booked on Wednesday, two days following its announcement.

St. John’s Hotel posted another Instagram post saying that it has closed applications for new participants. According to The Korea Times, hotel staffers explained that they are debating whether to cancel the event entirely or just change the format into something feasible within the social distancing rules.

squid game, <b> A hotel is giving out 5 million won for a real-life Squid Game event  </b>

Banner: Squid Game/Netflix

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