Did John Cena just confirm that he’s the next Captain America?

Gelo Lasin

We def didn’t see this coming

With news that Chris Evans is likely to bow out as Captain America after Avengers 4, there’s been plenty of talk on who should be his new successor.

Should it be Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson aka Falcon? Or is it Sebastian Stan’s Buckey Barnes’ turn to don the red, white and blue outfit?


If you’re gonna ask the Internet, however, it seems that they already found the answer in John Cena.

The wrestling star posted a captionless snap of Cap’s damaged shield on his IG snap earlier today, fueling fan speculation that he’s interested or, better yet, is already in talks for the role.

While reactions so far have been split down in the middle, Twitterverse has seemingly made it clear that they are NOT a fan.


What do you think? Will you stan a hero you can’t see?

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