John Cena LEGIT wants to be BTS’ new bodyguard

Gelo Lasin

John Cena is the hero that K-Pop deserves

As BTS grows in popularity, so does the craziness of their legion of fans, who would stop at nothing just to snap a photo or a selfie with the worldwide phenoms.

And after the chaos that went down at the Incheon International Airport in SKconcerned ARMYs reached out to the most sensible badass anyone can think of: John Cena.

One fan in particular tweeted:

Mr. Thuganomics himself replied

Understandably, ARMYs were hyped AF

It’s no surprise really. John Cena actually stans BTS

He previously congratulated the K-pop group on winning Favorite Global Music star” at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards…

…as well as hinted that his fiance might actually walk the aisle to the tune of the Bangtan Boys’ songs.

“Stranger things have happened my friend. Never say never.” Cena said in an interview with one radio show.

He even has a pic of Supreme Boi (BTS’ famed producer) on his IG

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And Cena’s fave track on the J-Hope mixtape? ‘Baseline’

We’re LEGIT hoping for a crossover in the future

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