Joe Jonas cosplaying as Sansa Stark for Halloween is PURE perfection

Gelo Lasin

Once again, October 28th saw a wide array of people in awesome costumes, all gunning for the title of Halloween’s fabbest #OOTD.

We would argue, however, that Joe Jonas deciding to dress up as his fiancee’s Game of Thrones character EASILY takes the crown.

The DNCE frontman went as Sophie Turner’s Sansa Stark – and he slayed it

He even strutted like a true Lady of Winterfell

Absolutely nailed it

While you’re at it, check out the rest of 2018’s awesome Halloween outfits

Scarlet Snow Belo as Charlie Chaplin

Instagram – scarletsnowbelo

Thotnos looking to snatch some wigs

I’m thinking Lara Jean has had enough Yakult

Oh hell naw

OMG ang cuuute ni Sadness!

Georgia is SHOOKT

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