‘Echo Bags’: Jericho Rosales launches tote bags for a cause


Witty AND charitable

Actor Jericho Rosales, known for his nickname ‘Echo‘, is giving our hipster tote bags a run for their money with his – brace yourselves – ‘Echo Bags‘.

Yep, he’s prob seen the memes and ran with it, producing a minimalistic tote bag with brand Mr. Manileno (which Rosales co-owns) for an eco-friendly cause. It’s all so meta.

Instagram – @rocket

The eco-friendly tote bags can be pre-ordered here with a price tag of PHP 300. Per the order form’s description, all proceeds will go to the charity of Echo’s choice.

‘Right now, we’re supporting Waves 4 Water, a non-profit organization helping people around the world get access to clean water.’

Talk about Echo-friendly

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Banner credit: Instagram – @rocket