The ‘Jeffree Star Approved’ series MIGHT not be trademarked after all

Gelo Lasin

This just keeps getting confusing

If you can recall, Michelle Dy and Jeffree Star got into a recent feud when the American make-up artist threatened to sue the Filipina YouTuber after the latter allegedly copied the former’s famous ‘Jeffree Star Approved’ series

Twitter – @princedecastro

Jeffree Star went so far as to claim that the ‘Approved’ series is ‘copyrighted’ and ‘trademarked’ in America.



But, as it turns out, that MIGHT not be the case.

Twitter user @scanmypanty looked up ‘Jeffree Star Approved’ on the United States Patent and Trademark Office’s website

The search result, however, came up empty.



Twitter user @ridingyoongi also looked in another ‘trademark search site’, but came up with the same results



@scanmypanty (that name tho) even pointed out that a YouTube channel called ‘Pemberley Digital’ launched its own ‘Approved’ series (Emma Approved) – FOUR years ago

In comparison, Jeffree only launched his 2 years ago.



Another user @KapusoBlend pointed out the things that are not protected by copyright



Users @RiaPedra and @storiesgiselep chimed in as well




Finally, @scanmypanty (I can’t get over the name) had parting words for both Jeffree and Michelle 





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