‘Jeeploma’ is a compassionate take on what a jeepney driver goes through for his family

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Ever wonder what your parents go through to give you an education?

Paul Taladtad encapsulates it in his winning art piece in the DPC-PLDT 32nd Visual Arts Competition entitled “Jeeploma.”

Adventist University of the Philippines’ Taladtad shows a jeepney driver’s old, tired hands in his painting, one holding the steering wheel and some paper bills in between his fingers, the other on a wooden dashboard with all his earnings and his children’s graduation photos on top. In it, we see a hardworking dad trying to provide for his family everything they need in order to succeed. In it, we see nothing else but a loving father who wants his children to have everything he never had.

Facebook: MarBert Lio Taguba

The moving piece has a powerful impact on the modernization plans which “marginalize and demonize jeepney drivers” because it’s a hauntingly beautiful take on the hardships jeepney drivers go through for their family.

If this doesn’t inspire you to take a stand and say #NoToJeepneyPhaseout, you are not opening your eyes to the realness of the problems we face in this world of ours. Maybe you do have your eyes open, yet you refuse to open your heart to do anything.

How can you look your grandchildren in the eye and tell them you knew what was going on, but you did nothing?

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