Talk about a scalding review

ICYMI, Manny Pacquiao’s second eldest son Michael dropped his first rap song ‘Hate‘ earlier this week – and some people aren’t giving it love.

PARADISE RISING‘s Jason Dhakal is one of those peeps, as he recently aired out his pretty straightforward sentiment on Twitter.

‘shit like this makes me want to stop making music honestly lol’


Despite the diss, Dhakal furthered that he wasn’t simply pertaining to Michael’s rap style nor song, but to the entire music industry’s culture of ‘accepting mediocrity’.

In a series of tweets after the initial retweet, the R&B singer opened the conversation on giving a fast platform for artists with wealthy parents, as compared to local rappers pursuing the dream on their own.

‘it’s weird to me how ppl will automatically give a platform to rich artista kids w/ mediocre talent who already are financially set for life’

‘while local rappers here risk their livelihood to make music & get 0 recognition’


Moving to Oman to PH to pursue a career himself, Dhakal opened up about the hardships of fellow indie artists working much harder than those who have ‘artistas‘ as connections.

‘like u know these ppl make music for capitalism & because that’s the trending sound yet ppl who actually make music & risk their entire future for it get paid no attention’

‘i’m kinda tired of having to work 4x harder just because i don’t have an artista parent to depend on lol’



Dhakal ended the thread by recalling an undisclosed artist who only made music because their parents gave them a 2-year contract with Universal Records.

‘so much unfairness i’ve witnessed & so much talent not given attention just because their last name is unrecognizable’


Meanwhile, Michael has yet to address Jason’s tweets.