Jasmine Curtis-Smith calls out PLDT’s unprofessional customer service rep on Twitter

Gelo Lasin

Let’s be honest, we all have our own customer-service horror stories, right?

While we recognize the effort that these hardworking company reps put in to accommodate our grievances, the hard truth is that there are still a couple of unfortunate customer service related incidents that manage to grind our gears.

Jasmine Curtis-Smith recently shared hers on Twitter

Jasmine was calling PLDT to ask for assistance when a customer rep shouted ‘JASMINE CURTIS IN THE HOUSE’ to his co-workers AFTER receiving the call.

Obv pissed by the rep’s behavior, she questioned:

‘Pinagsisigawan pala ang customer name sa mga ka office pag private customer service call? Hindi ba that’s disclosing the private and paying customer na to your other employees?’

The actress asked for the rep’s full name, but only got the first, as the employee claimed that it was for the staff’s own privacy.

Jasmine countered:

‘Pero ako as a PAYING customer of PLDT, pwede nila pag usapan between employees? How is this allowed?’

Even after her outburst, she maintains that she isn’t the type of person who goes on Twitter rants. But she, however, calls the incident as an exception, as she wishes to show the pvblic just ‘how unprofessional they can be.’

PLDT reached out to Jasmine and apologized about the incident

And while many showed their support for the actress…

…there are those who chose to side with the rep

What do you think?

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