Japan strikes again

Japan’s weirdness really knows no bounds, as the country is now selling its first-ever mayonnaise-flavored ice cream.

japan, LOOK: Japan now has mayonnaise-flavored ice cream

Named the ‘Calorie Monster Cherio Creamy Mayonnaise Flavor’, which is just a fancy way of saying ‘abomination’, the creation features a white chocolate center coated by mayo ice cream and cookie bits.

The name ‘Calorie Monster’ comes from the fact that it packs 307 calories, more than the average milk tea, which clocks in at 278. Food reviews have been mixed, with some describing that the white choco center carries the dessert, while others have complained about the mayo’s strong aftertaste.

Adventurous tourists can buy the ice cream at convenience stores, supermarkets and the like all over Japan for 140 yen (PHP 68) until March 2020.

japan, LOOK: Japan now has mayonnaise-flavored ice cream


Banner credit: mothership.sg


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