Are onions the new currency? Japan Home Centre is accepting sibuyas as payment


Aside from money, it seems like onions make the world go round in the Philippines.

Is sibuyas the new currency?

Local store Japan Home Centre announced that it will be accepting the produce as an alternative mode of payment on February 4.

One onion can pay for one item from the store, with a maximum of three item purchases per customer. This promo will only be valid for one day at JHC’s Panay Avenue branch.

According to the Facebook post, the vegetable collected will be used in their community pantry.

Prices of onions in the Philippines have been rising, with the produce being more expensive than meat by the start of 2023. Some local red onions have been reportedly sold at P480 to P600 per kilo.

The price of the produce has been the talk of town, even making international headlines.

Would you use your prized onions for your daily purchases?

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