Same, Janina Vela: What the heck is ‘forda’ ?


Forda tanong ang ferson

“Forda” and “ferson” are new internet slangs that many have been trying to incorporate into their lingo, leaving those unaware of the word completely confuzzled. Finally, someone understands us, and she is Janina Vela.

The YouTuber and singer took to Twitter to ask her followers, “what is forda?” and thankfully, there were those that graciously answered her question.

For those who don’t know, forda is just a new spelling of for the. Whereas ferson is simply person.

Where did the new lingo come from?

The slang originated from TikTok user Chrishanna Luisa Olivadez Austria, who trended with a drunk video of her greeting her followers. “Hi mga ferson, I’m a drunk gurl. Goodnight.” she slurs.

She also adds, “Forda red girl.” before the video ended.



♬ original sound – Forda Ferson – IG: _FordaFerson

According to Chrishanna Luisa, she was not aware that the video got uploaded. The replies to her TikTok definitely passed the vibe check by using the new terminology the drunk Chrishanna coined. The rest is history.

One user commented, “for the hangover ka bukas ferson,” while another said, “forda pagsisisi in the morning when you wake up.” 

Since then, the video has amassed 2.5 million likes on TikTok with 21,000 comments.

We hope this answers Janina and every other ferson‘s question.

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