James Reid debuts new song at GRAMMYs’ ‘Press Play’ series


James Reid has truly proven that he has a lot more to offer when it comes to music. He flew to LA to join the label Transparent Arts, and even represented the country in the first annual Gold Gala. On top of those, the multi-hyphenate recently debuted a track in Grammy’s Press Play At Home segment.

The video series feature artists performing their latest song that will be uploaded onto The Recording Academy’s YouTube channel. Reid can be seen performing California Lovin’, which is described to have a “carefree west-coast beat.”

In the video, Reid can be seen performing in front of a bathroom mirror holding a mic. He then slowly walks down a bar and continues singing. Interesting trivia about him pops out on the screen, like how ‘psychedelic funk’ is his fave music genre and that his corgi is named Calcifer Dante Pendragon.

According to Grammys’ release, California Lovin’ was one of the first songs that Reid made during his LA trip to work on music. The chill bop was co-written with producer and artist Ken Nana and singer Darius Coleman.

‘James Reid’ trended on Twitter following the Recording Academy’s post on their social media channels. Many of his supporters expressed that he deserves all the international recognition that he has been receiving.

Watch the full performance below:

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