James Deakin reminds the pvblic to remain ‘alert’ in recent break-in attempt

We The Pvblic

Multimedia motoring journalist and road safety advocate James Deakin has reminded the pvblic to stay alert and vigilant after a recent break-in attempt.

Magic 89.9 host Nikko Ramos shared his experience on social media about two men who had tried to open his locked door. Ramos added that the suspects tried to break his window at a stoplight in Kalayaan Avenue exiting BGC heading towards EDSA.

“I managed to drive off as fast as I could and get away safe,” Ramos added. “Reminder for everyone to always lock your doors and always stay alert! Pass it on.”

Deakin had posted a screenshot of the post on his Facebook page, adding his two cents to the topic:

“A timely reminder. Be alert. Be vigilant. Also, for those who don’t yet have one, a Dashcam would help a lot in situations like this. If not in prevention then in apprehension. Please consider investing in one.”

Stay safe fam!

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