James and Liza could be cooking collaborations with iKON, Winner, and IVE


We are living for James and Liza’s collaborations with some of our fave K-pop stars.

James Reid and Liza Soberano seem to have the times of their lives, company hopping and exploring in Seoul. 

Having arrived in Seoul, South Korea, earlier this month, James and Liza have since been seen collaborating with some of the biggest K-pop stars in some of the most well-known Korean entertainment companies. 

They first made noise visiting Starship entertainment, the home of groups such as Sistar, Monsta-X, and now IVE. The Internet also went wild seeing the two in one frame with former GOT7 member, Bambam.

The pair were also seen visiting YG Entertainment, a company known for being notoriously picky with collaborations, even among Koreans. They interacted with two YG artists, iKON DK and Winner Seunghoon.


Fun afternoon with @thisisdk_ 🤘🏻#gogirl #gogirlchallenge dc: @aiki_kr

♬ Go Girl – Pitbull



♬ 오리지널 사운드 – HOONY – HOONY


Perfect 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

♬ 오리지널 사운드 – HOONY – HOONY

Another friend James and Liza made was former 2PM leader and member Jay Park whom they danced with to his song “Need to Know.” Just a day ago, Liza did a TikTok challenge with IVE’s leader Yujin.

Continuing their Korea escapade, Liza had her first guesting at a Korean reality talk show, “Not Hocance But Scance,” where she met and talked to the hosts, Sistar’s Soyou and Kara’s Nicole and Jiyoung, and actress Ye Jiwon.

Liza was asked about her time in Seoul, to which she replied as a “vacation but with work.” as she herself is a fan of K-Pop and K-Drama and hopes to land opportunities there.


#DearCupidChallenge with #YUJIN of @ive.official. She’s so kind and talented 💗

♬ DEAR.CUPID – IVE.official

James and Liza are cooking something big with all these collaborations, and we can’t wait to see what else they have in store. Who do you think they should visit next? 


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