Debate: Did Jake Zyrus’ album art rip off this movie poster?

Gelo Lasin

It’s an age-old issue among creatives: How do you differentiate an inspired work from a rip-off?

The artwork for Jake Zyrus‘ new album recently sparked a heated debate for its striking similarity with the poster for Matt Damon’s film ‘Suburbicon‘.

At a quick glance, the Zyrus’ album could be mistaken for a rip-off, as it closely resembles the same font, the same sideways angle of the subject, and some of the Hollywood poster’s color palette.

Ben Pablo – Independent Creative & Advertising Professionals

However, some creatives argue that the layout is simply inspired by an art style called Mondrian, which was popularized by Dutch painter Piet Mondrian.

Others pointed out that the concept has been used countless times in the past, adding that there’s actually no such thing as an ‘original idea’.

However, some countered by saying that while ‘taking inspiration’ is okay, the album art itself treads dangerously close to plagiarism territory. Others downright shunned the habitual practice of ‘referencing’ as it supposedly devalues the work of creatives.


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