The Jadine breakup has triggered a toxic Twitter witch-hunt


ICYMI, James Reid and Nadine Lustre have broken up, which could either mean the end of times or another generic headline in the showbiz wheel, depending on your preference. But since the two are basically the biggest stars in the country, a vast majority, including their mothers, want to know exactly why the split happened.

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The Filipino Times

Nevermind that Jadine themselves have already provided a statement, stating that it was due to their mutual desire for ‘personal growth’. No, this is the Internet, which means we unearth every blurry video clip, vague screenshot, or unreliable statement from strangers in search of the ‘real truth’.

Screw respecting other people’s personal lives. We have to get to the bottom of this, dammit. And thus, we enter Twitter.

I’ve always despised Twitter. Out of the big three (along with Facebook and Instagram), it’s undeniably the worst. It’s essentially the birthplace of ‘cancel culture’, where people are quick to judge and easily enraged over stories with barely the length of 33 characters.

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It’s where people’s worst thoughts come to life, all for the sake of clout and validation. It’s where ‘think before you click’ goes to die. Jadine’s breakup proves these once again.

‘Fuck James Reid and [redacted], if ever the rumor is true.’ reads a tweet, which is one of many which accuses James of being a womanizer. I like the ‘if ever the rumor is true’ part, which means he basically cursed the dude before he got his facts straight.

One is even proud that he/she got the rumored third party to privatize their social due to the influx of haters. Again, it’s hate with no remorse, based on little to no concrete proof whatsoever.

The rest of the supposed ‘evidence’ is even too blurred to make out who’s who and what’s what. Those that are discernible are screenshots of Reid simply interacting with the alleged party – because god-forbid a guy socializes with another woman aside from his girlfriend.

It’s a modern-day witch hunt, something Twitter is all too familiar with.

Here’s a simple truth: No one really knows what happened, except the actual people involved.

So until either James, Nadine, or anything official happens, read a book, go to the gym, pray for forgiveness – literally do anything meaningful with your life aside from picking apart people that barely know you exist.

And as for Twitter, burn in hell.

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