‘I LOVE YOU ETNEB’: Yorme Isko Moreno just cosplayed as Doctor Strange


Say what you want about Isko Moreno, but the guy really knows how to make the headlines.

Pictures of the Manila mayor cosplaying as Doctor Strange started popping up on social today and left people in a fit – with good reason. Yorme looked as close to the character as a Filipino can get, complete with the greying hair, the lit costume, and that it’s-so-bad-it’s good mustache.


It turns out that the 44-year-old politician and the rest of his family went full Marvel for the 7th birthday of his youngest son Drake, seen below donning an Iron Man costume.

Moreno’s wife Diana Lynn Ditan appeared as Captain Marvel while his other two kids, Frances and Joaquin, suited up as Black Widow and Captain America respectively, resulting in one of the coolest family pics in recent memory.

Posted by Louie Kalagayan on Sunday, September 8, 2019





Images by: thefanboyseo.com