Isabelle Daza draws flak after mocking Japanese practice of giving calling cards

It Girl Isabelle Daza gets flak from the Filipino pvblic.

Daza was criticized for mocking the Japanese practice of giving calling cards.

In a short Instagram Story, Daza can be seen crumpling a calling card, throwing it to her younger sister’s face, Ava.

The video’s text said: “What I want to do when people hand me their calling cards like this.”

Fashion blogger Tricia Gosingtian called her out, reminding the It Girl, along with the whole Twitterverse to be respectful of other cultures.

It didn’t get any better when she put a communist hat on a statue.

Ever since the videos came out, the pvblic came to rumble.

Lifestyle blogger Camie Juan weighed in on the issue:

Although she didn’t mention any names, we all know who she was pertaining to.