Is the new Arctic Monkeys album slated for a May 2018 release?

Sophie Caraan

The pvblic has been living off “AM” for five years now and it’s about damn time we move forward. Brace yourselves, Arctic Monkeys fans, because the anticipated AM 6 album could be coming your way this May!

Over the course of March, two lucky fans happened to stumble across members of the band. William Hann met a still-bearded Alex Turner in an airport earlier in the month, but no concrete information was disclosed. The photo op only really divulged two important facts: the frontman is still sporting that God-forsaken beard (seriously Al, please shave) and that a single will be dropping “soon”. Unfortunately, “soon” holds a different meaning for everyone.

This interaction was followed by a fan by the name of George Evans, who literally hopped out of his Uber to catch drummer Matt Helders eating cheesy chips and gravy at a kebab shop in their hometown of Sheffield, England. The selfie posted on Instagram claims that Helders specified a release date for the album: late May, just in time for the start of the first leg of their upcoming tour. This new information fits with Hann’s conversation with Turner; if AM 6 really is slated for a May release, could this mean that we could be listening to a new Arctic Monkeys single in the coming weeks?

Matt Helders likes cheesy chips and gravy. next AM album out in May. #arcticmonkeys

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Fans have been stating theories surrounding the album since 2016. In December, it was confirmed by Shami Masri of BBC Sheffield via a now-deleted Tweet that the boys were back home to record the album. The rumor mill slowed down after, but it was back in full operation by August 2017 when Will Franco, a well-loved member of the Arctic Monkeys fanbase, caught up with Helders at a Royal Blood show in Los Angeles. When he asked the drummer for AM 6 plans, Helders was hopeful for a year-end release date.

Well that 2017 release didn’t happen, but we’ve got our hopes up for May. Keep your fingers crossed!

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