Is the Internet really surprised Taylor dominated Spotify Wrapped?


Taylor Swift being part of everyone’s Top Artists is so slay

Music streaming platform giant Spotify just released its yearly recap of everyone’s listening activity on the app and it got everyone in a chokehold.

Every year since 2016, Spotify has allowed its listeners to get a glimpse of their activity data on the app throughout the year.

However, the music streaming platform’s genius marketing stunt started to really took off in 2019, according to Spotify’s head of marketing. The ploy really took off because people started to feel “FOMO” or, the ‘fear of missing out’ as Spotify urged everyone to share their results on social media which, people still do now.

Three years after the phenomenon took off, the Internet is still as excited about the yearly recap. This year, a commonality that people saw in their results was that Ms. Swift dominated the results appearing in almost everyone’s Top Artist.

Apart from Taylor *shockingly* topping Spotify Wrapped, some users shared their funny or unique results that made the Internet go LOL.

Seventeen x Imelda Papin? Sign us up!

User hosh1maoy took to Twitter to share that their sister couldn’t post her Spotify Wrapped on social media because of the random result.

As her sister shared her account with their grandmother, her streaming activity reflected that Filipino singer Imelda Papin was her second most streamed artist of the year. A Seventeen and Imelda Papin collaboration might be something unexpected but definitely funny.

Apologizing to the K-pop groups you stan because they’re not the Top Artists in your wrapped.

As music streaming is one of the important aspects for K-pop groups to win year-end awards, some K-pop stans apologize to their idols for not having them part of their Top Artist this year.

There was a user that streamed music more than the total number of minutes in a year… 

User alwayslouisw tweeted her result showing that they spent a total of 2, 198,224 minutes listening to former One Direction member Louis Tomlinson.

However, another user immediately quoted her tweet noting that there are only 500, 000 minutes in a year…

Taylor Swift as an OPM singer

Another user also had hilarious results for sharing her account with her mother. Grace Marie Tamala thought her Top Artist of the year would be Taylor, but it seems her mother who shares the account with her had other ideas…

spotify, <b> Is the Internet really surprised Taylor dominated Spotify Wrapped? </b>
post by Grace Marie Tamala via Kulto ni TAYLOR SWIFT on fb

However funny or random your Spotify Wrapped results may be, it is undoubtedly one of the most pleasant trends that happens on the Internet yearly.

How were your results? Check out your results here!

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