Someone hosted an ‘Ipis’ funeral and we’re STILL lost for words

Gelo Lasin

First, it was the ‘Gluta’ Ipis

Then, it was the ‘Ipis’ in an electric chair

Now this: A friggin cockroach funeral



The video, which shows a setup intended to replicate a ‘burol’, features one ipis inside a matchbox ‘coffin’ with the other two are seemingly taped down to serve as the mourners.

The entire thing is absolutely bizarre and disturbing. I mean, I hate roaches with a passion, but goddamn, this is getting kinda fucked up.

The Internet also thinks so






This is the third in a string of viral Ipis-themed social media posts. Seriously, it feels like there’s some kind of insane film trilogy taking place.

But c’mon guys, whacking or stomping em will do. The Internet is weird enough as it is.

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