Twitter is dead, says iPhone 6 users


You know that instinct when you go online just to confirm if there’s really an earthquake? Similar to that, iPhone 6 users went on Twitter to confirm if the app isn’t working on their devices. As per 9to5mac, the platform isn’t completely accessible on the 8-year-old phone anymore.

Starting March 30, many users of the microblogging app said that it doesn’t operate properly on their iPhone 6 models. It turns out that the latest version requires iPhones to run on at least iOS 14. The last update for iPhone 6 is iOS 12.5.5, which was released back in 2021.

Twitter hasn’t officially acknowledged the change, but the required iOS version is stated on the App Store. It also coincidentally tweeted, ‘You good?’, and someone replied, ‘Why did you withdraw support from iPhone 6, do we have to buy a new phone?’

Twitter isn’t entirely saying goodbye to iPhone 6 users since they have limited access to the platform. While they can still browse through their timeline, they can’t read replies and their own tweets. Instead, they will be greeted with a prompt that says, ‘Tweets aren’t loading right now.’

Another workaround for iPhone 6 users is to just use the website version of Twitter by signing in to Safari. According to Apple, 63% of all iOS devices have iOS 15 installed, and only 7% use iOS 13 or older versions, meaning it isn’t an issue for most Twitter users. However, ‘iPhone 6’ was trending on Twitter and it garnered over 18,000 related posts, as of writing.

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