Introducing the beneficiaries of the opening season of ProjectX

Gil Cadiz
(From left: John Paul Hernandez, Gabriel Amiel Zoe ‘Abu’ Mangyao and Albert Dela Cruz)

After a month-long search for the most creative graduating students from Jose V. Palma Senior High School in Quezon City, it all came down to these three K-12 seniors – John Paul Hernandez, Abu Mangyao and Albert Dela Cruz.

They’re the pioneering batch of XS Out of School, the first beneficiary of the opening season of ProjectX, XS Group’s headshot session campaign that champions creative freedom in support of its advocacies.

John Paul wants to be an animator, Abu wants to pursue his interest in designing buildings and houses, and Albert simply wants to further develop his talent for drawing and design and build a career out of it.

Climbing their way to the top, the trio are now ready to undergo a three-month (January to March 2019) intensive and extensive pre-qualifying training at XS Group that will help them build their creative portfolios.

At the end of their training, the most outstanding among the three will be hired by the XS Group as a full-time junior intern for one year and will be provided with work equipment and competitive allowances.

XS Group management and staff shared their thoughts on the XS Out of School program.

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 XS Group proudly launches ProjectX

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