Come thru production value! The internet is living for ‘Voltes V: Legacy’


Filipino VFX has extremely leveled up!

The first episode of ‘Voltes V: Legacy’ has arrived on TV and Pinoy fans are feeling nostalgic as well as in awe of how the new version of the show looks.

When the teaser for the series first dropped, netizens were already excited because the CGI and visual effects looked amazing so far. Now with the first episode dropped, praise for the Voltes V reboot continues.

The show even trended on Twitter on May 9, raking in over 46.1k tweets.

“The live-action [Voltes V] did not disappoint. Few scenes could have been better but overall, I was very entertained. The CGI is the best I’ve seen so far on Philippine TV. Di nakakahiya ipakita sa international audience,” one Twitter user wrote.

One user even gave due diligence to the artists who worked on the series. “Salute to all the underrated Filipino VFX/CGI artists behind this project. You have my support!”

Voltes V: Legacy adapts its anime version which was first broadcast in the Philippines in the late 70s until Ferdinand Marcos banned it from TV during martial law.

Some fans tweeted about how nostalgic it was to see the show translated into live-action, especially the Volt In sequence played with the old-school OST. The new OST, however, was sung by Julie Ann San Jose.

There was love for the show even from overseas as IGN Southeast Asia called it “The Filipino Answer to Power Rangers and Voltron.”

Despite all the praise, there were still some criticisms over Voltes V: Legacy, with some amazed by the VFX but felt like the acting was lacking.

Voltes V Legacy be like
by u/Diether_M in Philippines

Voltes V: Legacy stars Miguel Tanfelix, Ysabel Ortega, Radson Flores, Matt Lozano, and Raphael Landicho with Mark A. Reyes as its director. The show still has fans from all over the Philippines excited to tune in to the next episode, which will go live on GMA 7 weekdays at 8 p.m.

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