Instagram’s new font is officially named ‘Instagram Sans’


If viewing your friends’ Instagram stories became part of your social media routine, get used to seeing the platform’s “visual refresh” for its branding too. The company’s blog post announced that it slightly tweaked its logo, has full-screen marketing layouts, and has a new typeface called Instagram Sans.

The custom font was inspired by Instagram’s polaroid-type logo, which takes cues from squares and circles, or what they call “squircles.” The blog explained that it is a modern remake of grotesque and geometric styles.

‘The type is designed with accessibility and global scripts at the core, able to express a range of styles in any language,’ it added. The new design also was also “made to feel human”, with a quirky “Q” typeface and the “interior teardrop of the ‘a’ typeface.”

Instagram Sans, <b> Instagram&#8217;s new font is officially named &#8216;Instagram Sans&#8217; </b>
Instagram Sans | Image from Instagram’s blog

The new fonts’ variations include Instagram Sans Regular, Bold, Light, Medium, Condensed, and Condensed Bold. The platform shared that users can utilize the new typeface to “express themselves” through options like Stories and Reels.

Instagram explained that it partnered with language experts internationally to adapt the typeface to global scripts like Arabic, Thai, and Japanese. It added, ‘We want to support all of our creators and community members who push culture forward to express themselves fully in any language they choose.’

You can check out the fonts here.

Instagram Sans, <b> Instagram&#8217;s new font is officially named &#8216;Instagram Sans&#8217; </b>

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