IN PHOTOS: Rakrakan Festival 2018 rocked us to our core!

We The Pvblic

The great thing about music festivals is the feeling that you’re one with the crowd – that electrifying feeling as the crowd jumps up and down or sings along to their favorite songs. On February 24, 2018, we got to feel those feels as we rocked with our favorite Filipino musicians and bands at Rakrakan Festival 2018: Pinoy Muna held at the Aseana City Concert Grounds.

Rakrakan Festival was a day and night we won’t forget as we got to rock out to different genres of music provided by 120 acts. It’s not often that we get to see all these talented pool of Filipino artists in one place. As the audience enjoyed watching their fave performers play live, the musicians reciprocated that love by repeatedly thanking them and saying how honored they were to be performing on the same stages with their peers in OPM as well as the musicians they look up to.

Rakrakan 2018 wasn’t your typical music festival. Besides having six different stages, there were merchandise and food bazaars, and skateboarding, BMX and street art competitions. As if six stages weren’t enough, they also had a Dickies side stage and Coke Studio PH booth that also featured different local musicians and bands. Many fans even got to meet and greet their favorite artists! Honestly, we were all winners on this day.

At Rakrakan 2018, what thrilled me the most was being able to discover and enjoy new artists and new genres of music. The wild crowds rocking along to the music filled me with excitement. It was impossible not to jump up and down along with everyone else. I witnessed everyone’s passion and love for OPM, and “I think that’s as Pinoy as Pinoy can get.” 🙂

If you missed Rakrakan 2018, don’t fret! Here are some photos that will make you feel like you were right there with us:

Indie Stage: Monolog

Groove Stage: Blue Jean Junkies

Mosh Stage: Happy Three Friends

Indie Stage: Better Days

Groove Stage: VLTR

The fans, the Dickies Side Stage, and the food bazaar

Groove Stage: Sagip Adik Foundation

Mosh Stage: Faspitch

Tropa Center Stage: Loonie and Ron Henley

Move Stage: Typecast

Mosh Stage: Mayonnaise

Mosh Stage: Chicosci

Tropa Center Stage: Barbie Almalbis

Indie Stage: Autotelic

Indie Stage: Leanne & Naara

Indie Stage: IV of Spades

Move Stage: Ben & Ben

Photos by Bem Goce, Patricia Ysabel Torres, and Margaux Madamba.