IN PHOTOS: A jam-packed day at Red Ninja Year 9 Fest!

We The Pvblic

Red Ninja Production didn’t fail us again this year at Red Ninja Year 9 Fest as we witnessed a diverse line-up of 22 bands and artists. The event brought back our favorites like Hale and Ben & Ben, and also introduced us to new artists and bands like JCBX. As avid fans of OPM, we enjoyed singing along to music that we’ve heard for the thousandth time and we definitely enjoyed discovering new music that we’ll be adding to our never-ending OPM playlist!

If you missed Red Ninja Year 9 Fest, here are some photos you can check out to see how awesome it was!

Clara Benin

Carlo Castano

The Morning Episodes

Sun Manager

She’s Only Sixteen

Runway Crimes

Ebe Dancel

December Avenue


Ben & Ben

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