In defense of the girl who cried ‘rude’

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“Lechon is expensive,” Jenny from Urdaneta says in TLC’s series 90 Day Fiancé. “But my family wants.”

If you haven’t seen it all over your timeline just yet, there’s a meme going around where people are making fun of the way Jenny says “rude”, which I think is pretty rude.

To give you a background on the whole sitch, Jenny’s family just gave Larry from the states a grand welcome in the Philippines by preparing lechon along with family and friends.

“The last time we had lechon was… I think when I was a kid,” she adds, signifying that a feast with a glorious roasted pig is a special one.

When Larry sees the pig, he panics and says he’s not an “adventurous eater”, adding he might get “diarrhea problems”.

“You eat na,” Jenny urged. Larry replied, “Can everybody else just eat?”

“Yeah, you first, then they’ll eat,” Jenny said. “We cooked for you,” one added.

After trying one small bite, Jenny sees his distaste and gets annoyed with him.

Virgilio, Jenny’s dad, explains, “To prepare lechon, it can take up to 5 hours.”

“Here in the Philippines, if we see that a visitor doesn’t like what we prepared, people get annoyed,” Rowena, Jenny’s sister, added.

Rowena tells her sister, “Tell him to eat. We are all here. Make him eat. Tell him it is embarrassing that we are all here eating and he’s not.”

Seeing Jenny clearly irritated, Larry asks what’s wrong. “You’re rude, you know?” she answers. Due to Jenny’s heavy Filipino accent, she pronounces “rude” as “road”.

“You’re acting like a kid,” she adds.

“Why?” Larry asked, to which she replied, “You don’t have respect.”

People have made memes about the whole fiasco, but if you ask us, Jenny really had a point. I mean, if someone’s family prepared a meal just all for you, give them due respect by having a blast and enjoying everything. If you don’t like it, the least you can do is not be a whiny little child about it and politely decline.

Twitter user  has voiced her thoughts over the social media platform and we believe everyone should read it:

“Cultural differences get in the way of communication but that’s not an excuse to disrespect other cultures,” Justine wrote. “White guy could have said that he doesn’t eat meat without so much disgust. I commend the woman for doing her best to speak her mind.”

What do you think about this?

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