I’m On Top of the World

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Mountain climbing could be an extreme sport while others consider it as a hobby, like one mountain to another. Whatever your reason for trekking, the sweat is all worth it seeing the view below from the top that will only leave you with an awe. The beauty and grandeur is the greatest prize after the dangerous hike.
Hold on, here they are. I have no plans of being a cliff-hanger.

A guy at the summit of Pico De Loro Rock Monolith in Cavite strikes a daredevil pose.



It took 14 days for this pilot to reach the highest peak in North America.




This photographer reflects as he ascended to Japan’s finest, Mt. Fuji.



Surely, one of the Caucasus Mountains’ peaks in Russia is in a mountaineer’s checklist.


Courtesy of Whitesnowblacksea.wordpress.com


Visiting the Drakensberg Mountains, South Africa not only offers opportunity for park and gaming



David McCullough Jr. once said:

“Climb the mountain so you can see the world, not so the world can see you.”


What now? Pack your bags and soar up high (literally, though).

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