‘I’m Drunk, I Love You’ Director reveals Carson and Dio’s last conversation

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I’m Drunk, I Love You was the anti-Valentine’s Day movie of 2017 thanks to director JP Habac and his vision for Dio played by Paulo Avelino and Carson played by Maja Salvador.

Love is a risky business, a rather hurtful one when the love you have isn’t reciprocated, more likely if you’re a close friend, and especially if you’re the bestfriend.

In IDILY, it was shown how heartbreaking it was to be in love with your bestfriend, and finding out once and for all that that person will never feel the same way about you. It stings, but the last bit of movie takes viewers to a place where they rekindle their friendship after an awkward drunken scene.

Carson and Dio kissed, however, Dio ultimately chooses an old flame played by Jasmin Curtis (which of course hurts because, hello Dio, pinaasa mo na si girl by kissing her back).

Well, Habac recently revealed the inaudible conversation between Carson and Dio on Twitter one year later and it actually gives hopeless romantics hope.

Carson says, “Okay. Sige. KJ ako. Tignan mo na lang kung KJ pa rin ako after 7 years.”

Dio replies, “Wow. Sige ha. O sige. Kung hindi ka KJ, ano ka 7 years after ngayon?”

“Moved on na moved on na. Sa lahat.”

“Kasi may nagpapasaya na sa ‘kin,” Carson ends.

And that’s what we can all look forward to — the best ending with someone who truly deserves to be with you.

So if you’ve gone through some relationships and they fell through, just know that someone out there is looking for exactly you — with all your quirks and baggage.

That someone will love every bit of your peculiar routines and help carry the weight of your baggage, the same way you’ll do for them.

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