What happens to local craftsmen when IKEA takes over?

Gelo Lasin

ICYMI, IKEA is opening its doors here in PH in 2020! The Scandinavian furniture retailer’s latest store is also its biggest in the world, reportedly having the size of 150 basketball courts.


And as someone who personally lived in Sweden for a considerable amount of time, I couldn’t be more excited.

Not only are the Swedish meatballs delish (I can eat 16 of these in one sitting), IKEA furniture is pretty cheap and easily transportable, thanks to its ready-to-assemble feature.

So while IKEA deserves all the hype, there is a cause of concern around its arrival, most especially its effect on the small, local retailers.

On top of their famous brand, IKEA also assured their prices would be even lower than the competition. Seeing this as an added disadvantage to local craftsmen, netizens suggested an approach:

But as per Rappler’s report, IKEA was a bit vague on whether they will ever source from the Philippines.

So does this mean we shouldn’t patronize IKEA? Not at all. As previously mentioned, they are a cheap, convenient option that makes buying furniture a less hassling affair.

But maybe, just maybe, we can also spare some of the attention for our local craftsmen and find a way to integrate them in this new setup – for their sake.

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