IKEA’s ‘Bully a Plant’ proves that talking crap is LITERALLY toxic AF

Gelo Lasin

ICYDK, January 24 is ‘National Compliment Day’. What that means is that, for 24 hours, we basically try our damnest to talk nicely to other people in spite of our stressed out and depressed existences.

And if you think this ‘holiday’ is just some idiotic, pretend gimmick that some random person came up, then you’re prob right.

But what’s not fake is the effect that compliments CAN have when it comes to improving one’s wellbeing, as suggested by IKEA’s ‘Bully A Plant’ initiative.

In this experiment, two potted plants are constantly fed two kinds of audio recordings, one that was positive and the other, negative.

After 30 days, it was discovered that the one who received hurtful comments was wilted and dying, while its counterpart, which received positive reinforcement, was healthy.

And while plants withering under the strain of constant shit-talking is a pretty controversial finding, the positive effect that compliments have on one’s emotional growth is not.

Human beings simply feed off being recognized, of being acknowledged, of being assured that you’re doing alright, even if it doesn’t feel like it.

Compliments are proof of our capacity to make the world a better place with a simple random act of kindness that requires minimal effort and zero monetary costs.

Just watch this beautiful experiment here:

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