Welcome to ICYMI, We The Pvblic’s weekly spotlight on fresh, under-the-radar drops you might’ve missed.

Lots of sweet releases from a couple of big artists this past week, but we’d argue there’s a different kind of high that stems from discovering hidden gems. For this week, we’ve got drops from St. Wolf, Jolianne, beabadoobee, and Leanne and Naara.

St. Wolf (Luhang Umaapaw)

One of our earliest candidates for ‘head bop until you drop’, St Wolf describes Luhang Umaapaw as ‘spacey, futuristic, bittersweet, with a hint of repressed angst.’ The killer drumbeat sold the track for us, and we’re pretty much obsessed.

Jolianne (Sublime)

A new signee under Careless Music, the 17-year-old singer-songwriter from Cebu City is off to a solid debut. Sublime is a dreamy and calming track that reminds us of chill rooftop hangouts under a cool, breezy night. We, for one, can’t wait what the R&B artist offers next.

beabadoobee (Last Day on Earth)

Our Pvblic Spotlight feature artist is back with her first music since dropping her debut album Fake It Flowers last year. Last Day on Earth sees Bea looking back on the things she would’ve done had she known about the lockdowns and the pandemic in advance.

Honestly, can you think of a more relatable track?

Leanne and Naara (Prayers – CRWN remix)

Prayers, from Leanne and Naara’s debut album Daybreak, was by no means a bad song. It had this soothing vibe for a track that’s basically about sending well-wishes to an ex (we’re all for clean breakups!).

But with CRWN’s influence, the remix gives Prayers an extra life, an added spunk that subtly serves as an improvement over its predecessor. Now, you can have closure AND your personal ‘I’m gonna bounce back’ makeover montage like the ones in the movies.