I find my true self in music festivals

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Music festivals are awesome.

I’ve been to tons during my lifetime, and if there’s one thing that I’ve observed whenever I’m on the concert grounds, it’s that these gatherings are more than just the sounds.

Aside from the hearing your fave songs live, being surrounded by other people that you could musically relate to, all crowding around a stage to see your favorite artist really is something else. It feeds not just your hunger for good music but for life as well.

Here are some other reasons why everyone should attend a music festival at least once:

The atmosphere

The moment you step on the festival ground, you’ll experience an indescribable pleasure that gives you a lighter feeling. It’s like you suddenly entered another dimension where everything, except yourself, is left behind.

The atmosphere brings nothing but fun and radiates adventure that lasts for a long period of time.

The crowd

It’s one hell of a stress reliever to be able to just let loose, drown yourself in the crowd, and be a ‘jumping jologs’ for a moment. Going with the flow and letting your heart take control is simply the best feeling in the world.

The fashion

Music festivals are also melting pots of culture where you’ll see vibrant clashes of personalities and fashion. You’re never going to run out of style inspos that are just daring to be copped.

Plus, in most events, you can wear and be anything you want without being judged. 

The moment

Being in a music festival could also help you connect with your inner self. You’d be in the mood to reminisce or to reflect on your life as you slowly become hypnotized, intoxicated, and one with the music.  It’s one of the moments where you can be mentally and emotionally at peace, even amongst the crowd.

With all the pressures and stresses that stem from our day-to-day obligations, music festivals give us the much-needed opportunity to take a break from the realities of life and just chill.

Contributed by: Mark Baccay

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