7 movie Hugot Lines to help you move on from heartbreak

Gelo Lasin

Us, Pinoys can never get enough of hugot lines.

Whether it’s Popoy from ‘One More Chance’ or Liza in ‘My Exs and Whys’, we often turn to these quotable quotes to express our innermost feelings with an extra bit of ‘OOMPH’ and flair.

However, not all ‘hugots’ will leave you on the floor crying. In fact, some of them could actually be the very jumpstart you need to pull yourself back together.

So gather around mga sawi, and let these hugot lines remind you that there is more to life than your current heartache.

Walang Forever


Kung hindi kayo meant to be, ‘wag niyo pilitin. Goodbye. Move On. Let Go. Gano’n!

While it might be euphoric to reminisce about what you two had, it’s unhealthy to keep entertaining the very thing that’s causing you pain.

Learn to let go. As bleak as it may seem, hindi katapusan ng mundo besh. There will always be a better tomorrow.

One More Chance


‘Siguro kaya tayo iniiwanan ng mga mahal natin: dahil may darating pang ibang mas magmamahal sa’tin – ‘yung hindi tayo sasaktan at paasahin…’yung magtatama ng lahat ng mali sa buhay natin.

Sabi nga nila, everything happens for a reason. Maybe the best is yet to come.

Starting Over Again


‘Adik ka na naman sa pag-asa eh. Try mo na kaya lumaklak ng realidad!’

Altho ang sarap maging hopeless romantic (bagay talaga kasi kayo), minsan kailangan din natin maging rational. Wag puro puso lang. Learn to accept what happened and move on.

Starting Over Again


‘Hindi ako pinag aral ng magulang ko para magpakatanga sa isang lalaki’

Don’t waste your time on people who do not put enough importance on you. You are worth way, WAAAY more than that.

That Thing Called Tadhana


‘Yung ganyang kalaking pagmamahal, ganyang overwhelming love, imposibleng walang pupuntahan, e. May mababalik sa’yong pagmamahal. Not necessarily sa taong pinagbigyan mo, pero sigurado ako, mababalik ‘yan sa’yo.’

You gave it your all and yet things STILL didn’t work out. That’s alright, cause I for one, believe that all of your efforts will be repaid in time.

English Only, Please


‘Darating din yung tao na di ka iiwan. Siyempre magkakamali ka at mag-aaway kayo pero nandiyan lang siya para sayo.’

One day, you’ll find the right person and you’ll love them in full, with no reservations.

It Takes a Man and a Woman


‘I’ve grown. This is Laida Magtalas 2.0. Wiser. Braver. Stronger. Bolder. Fiercer’

Hindi ka forever magiging malungkot besh. Think of this heartache as the next big step on your way to becoming a better version of yourself.

And besides, you’re too fresh to be put down. Kaya go and LABAN lang!

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