HTGAWM won’t let you off the hook

We The Pvblic

The insane Middleton Law School professor Annalise Keating of the hit series How To Get Away With Murder is back to continue its second season on February 11, and we know that you can’t wait to know who shot her.

Here’s the 30-seconder trailer:

The teaser is too much for one to absorb as it shows different shots of what’s to come this season. Wes goes first who points a gun and pulls a trigger, and then A.K. falls to the floor inside their client Hapstall’s house. Another shocker is the poison (or was that really a poison?) put on an ice cream! Who did it? What’s the motive? Who will fall victim to it?

The questions could go all day, and then we see a crying Annalise whilst cradling a baby, screaming “I can’t!”.

Another question that has to be raised is… “How come there’s no sex scene?”