Hoyeon Jung makes history with her solo Vogue cover


A couple of months have passed since Squid Game took the world by storm, and you probably ended up having a soft spot for some of the players including Hoyeon Jung’s character Kang Sae-byeok. If you miss seeing her on-screen, you can now see her as the first Korean to land a cover on Vogue Magazine.

Following the 27-year-old’s role in the dystopian series, she became the most-followed Korean actress on Instagram – from 410,000 followers to 15 million. She now has 23.7M followers as of writing. Given her breakthrough career, landing the cover of Vogue doesn’t come as a surprise and is just the beginning of a long ride.

The South Korean model-turned-actress – and now a February 2022 cover star – talked about her unexpected overnight success to mundane (but honestly relatable) things like being sad over leaving her new kitchen equipment.

Hoyeon remembered the day she had to leave for New York for her Squid Game callback. She shared to author Monica Kim, ‘I didn’t even have time to pack my things. I had to leave my BALMUDA oven and a brand-new naembi (Korean for aluminum pot).’


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Since it’s a Vogue feature, Hoyeon also shared how she got into modeling. She confessed that she wasn’t into modeling or fashion, but added, ‘But I was tall. And people on the street would tell me to be a model, so I thought, Why not try it? I’ve always been ambitious. I liked the challenge and kept wanting to go to the next level.’

Hoyeon recalled how she went to castings on her own before signing with a top Seoul agency and making it on Korea’s Next Top Model at age 19, where she placed second. She said, ‘I searched my name every day, and I read all the comments, one by one.’

‘Even if eight people loved me and only two people hated me, I always cried, at home alone,’ she revealed how the criticism felt personal. ‘Even now, I struggle with low self-esteem.’

Read the full story on Hoyeon when you visit Vogue Magazine’s website.

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